What runs the world ?


“What runs the world?”-this is probably a question you asked yourself several times. What runs the world, who runs the world, what role do we have in the world, what is our mission, etc. Some of you think it is love, others assume it is the happiness, but as you can figure out by the name of my blog i do believe it is money.

Today we are not talking about what is the most important thing in the world or what can make us truly happy, today we are talking about the thing that has the ultimate power over all of us. No matter if you are not on the same opinion, you know deep inside that i am telling the truth. You can’t live without money, you can’t me happy without money, you can’t even breath without it. Maybe in the past ,a couple of thousands of years ago, people used to survive without money. But let’s talk present, the 21st century. Can we really have a normal and decent life without any money at all?

HELL NO!!! How do you think you hang out with your friends-yes,exactly-MONEY! How do you think you buy clothes-again,money. Food-money. Bills-money. When you are sick and you need medicine- money! Can u survive without love? YES! Can you survive without money-NO! Even the people surviving with no money in the past had very short lives, because whenever they got sick they weren’t able to heal. Well, guys, what runs the world. What makes the people in the world still exist and have a decent life?!

I am sure you have already known that and i am not telling you something new. I just want to make a point and show the significance of money. Maybe it won’t make you happy. Maybe you think money ruins people and turns them into bad creatures, but don’t think that money is not important and you can live without it as long as you are safe and sound. Don’t fool yourselves. You can’t stay safe and sound for long if it weren’t for money. With a risk of repeating myself, money may not necessarily make you happy, but the lack of it will definitely make you unhappy and miserable. So, my friends, fall in love, have fun, experience new things and laugh, but don’t forget what makes all these things you do possible :)))


One in a million


So, guys, i just wrote my new post and suddenly something happened to it. And i was just finished. Well, dammit, i am going to try to say what i have been trying to say when this error occurred. I was talking about the “one in a million” meaning and its many definitions.

Lets talk about love. We see it everywhere around us and ,if we are lucky, maybe even in us. But  do we see something called “a real love” or is the chance of meeting one simply “one in a million”. Seeing how all these people say “I love you” to each other only a week after they have started dating makes us think that their is no such thing as love in their relationship. How can you possibly say these words provided that you know the person for a week. We couldn’t help wondering why the hell are these people lying to each other or do they really think they meant what they said!?

Well,  if they do than they must be delusional. What they are calling “love” is actually a casual fling that happens all the time between two people especially around our age (18). I really hope that they lie to their partners about their feelings for some twisted reason and not think they really love them, because i will become utterly hopeless. If we live in a world where people don’t know the actual meaning of love and how it is supposed to feel than what the hell are we talking about. I hear the word “love” probably 100 times a day. But is the meaning of love perverted or are we really not aware what love is.

Personally, i think that love,in its real meaning, does exist, but the chance of finding it is “one in a million”. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t mean that out of 1 000 000 people only 1 with find it, but we all know it doesn’t come frequently. If you do find it one day, consider yourselves lucky. I can’t tell you where to search for it, though. I don’t know if finding it is a matter of time, a matter of luck, a matter of willingness or maybe it is a matter of money. Either way, please, know that love exists, but don’t mistake it with every feeling  you experience on daily bases.



Have you ever asked yourself why some people are born rich and why others poor? Since we were kids our parents have been teaching us that everything in this world is(or at least is supposed to be) fair and that you shall reap as you have sown, but in a world where some are born in a golden bed with 100 million dollars in their bank accounts and others are barely scraping their nickels to survive, we can’t help wondering is the world really fair or is their some supernatural force that prevents people from being equals?

As far as i am concerned, there is. Some are calling it God, others-destiny, but either way there is always something that decides our path in the world. I, like a lot of other people, have my own theory. Let’s say that we  used to have other lives, previous lives. I think that our current life  is determined.depending on what kind of people we used to be and what kind of things we used to do,in our previous ones. For instance, if you used to be a bad guy and,for example, if you had killed people in your previous life, the prize you have to pay will be in your current one. You will probably be poor or ugly or somehow miserable, because this is what you deserve. This will be the payment for your sins in the past. Or,of course, if you used to be good, decent and if you hadn’t had a lot of sins or if you paid for them in your previous life you will probably be a ,if not rich, that a materially satisfied person with a nice life and an opportunity to be happy and cheerful.

Of course, this is just my theory and i simply don’t know or will ever know if there is something authentic about it, but, for now, it sounds very plausible to me. It is my explanation to why there are so many different people on this planet with different appearances, destinies and lives. Maybe it is just what it is and no one decides what our lives should be, maybe it is just the universe messing with us. Either way, i am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and i will be more than happy to find out what it is. Well, maybe i will in my next life 😀


The choices we have to make


Have you ever asked yourself what’s stopping you from being happy or from getting the things that you want? What are the right choices that we need to make in order to find our place in the universe?! Is it that we don’t know what we want or is it sometimes a matter of money?

If you are my age( around 18) you are pretty familiar with the fact that it’s high time you found out what you want to do with your life and what kind of person you want to become. You start thinking about what you can do best and ask yourself if you can turn your hobby into a lucrative career. If you are lucky, maybe you will. But you cannot depend on luck, not when the risk is that big. Than you face the biggest question that has been tortured you since forever. Do i want to earn a lot of money and indulge myself in the material or do i want to follow my heart and do the thing i am most passionate about?

There is no “right” or “wrong” answer. Every answer,though, has its consequences. Let’s say you choose to pursue a career you don’t like, but that will bring you a lot of money. Probably your first thoughts will be: “How can you succeed and get a lot of money from a job that you are not good at. If you don’t guess the answer i will help you- by becoming someone else, by becoming something else. You will lie, cheat, manipulate, blackmail and do whatever it takes to get what you want no matter the cost. You may say that this can be a pretty hard work and maybe even impossible, but you will be surprise of what people are willing to do for something they want so badly. And if you finally do reap success will it be really worth it? With all the sacrifices, the damage you made and the casualties will you be able to sleep at night?

The problem about this choices is that you cannot tell if you made the right or the wrong one when it’s not too late. You have to experience your new life and see the “ups” and “downs” of it. If you choose to be rich, but heartless will you ever be able to forgive yourself about the things you have done and earn the love of your friends and family? And if you pick  the one thing you do best  that makes you happy and alive, will it really bring you the things that you want and need or will it be just a distraction from the reality.

No matter if we become wealthy, but roofless or insist on our talent, but realize this won’t bring us neither money nor security, we should consider ourselves lucky. We are alive and healthy and we are capable of making whatever choices we want. There are a lot of people that are not given the opportunity to do that. Maybe everything is a matter of money or maybe it is a matter of choices, but either way we should always keep in mind that the best way to make a choice is to follow your instincts, because they will always show you the right way.



Hi, guys! You are reading my new blog called “a matter of money”. Before i start writing it i first want to clear the air. The things i am going to write about are not going to be only about money and everything that spins around them. My blogs will have a much deeper meaning. Money is all around us and we definitely can’t neglect it. My blog will show you different kinds of perspectives, meanings and experiences related to money. However, you are not going to read about the corny stuff like “money is everything”, “money can make you happy”or the same old “money makes people bad”. I hope that by reading my work you are going to see how, without even noticing it ,money changes everything including the people we are. It is a powerful weapon and neither of us should underrate it. I am going to show you that money may not necessarily make a person happy, but the lack of it can definitely cause some serious damage and misery in your lives. As we all know not everything can be bought with money, but it can definitely make things so much easier and bearable. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t get obsessed with money, but when it comes to dealing with it we should keep one thought in mind: “No matter if we like it or not or if that makes our lives hard and sad most of the things that we see, think or feel are a matter of money.


I hope you  like my blog and  learn things you can benefit from.


Antonio Badjev