What runs the world ?


“What runs the world?”-this is probably a question you asked yourself several times. What runs the world, who runs the world, what role do we have in the world, what is our mission, etc. Some of you think it is love, others assume it is the happiness, but as you can figure out by the name of my blog i do believe it is money.

Today we are not talking about what is the most important thing in the world or what can make us truly happy, today we are talking about the thing that has the ultimate power over all of us. No matter if you are not on the same opinion, you know deep inside that i am telling the truth. You can’t live without money, you can’t me happy without money, you can’t even breath without it. Maybe in the past ,a couple of thousands of years ago, people used to survive without money. But let’s talk present, the 21st century. Can we really have a normal and decent life without any money at all?

HELL NO!!! How do you think you hang out with your friends-yes,exactly-MONEY! How do you think you buy clothes-again,money. Food-money. Bills-money. When you are sick and you need medicine- money! Can u survive without love? YES! Can you survive without money-NO! Even the people surviving with no money in the past had very short lives, because whenever they got sick they weren’t able to heal. Well, guys, what runs the world. What makes the people in the world still exist and have a decent life?!

I am sure you have already known that and i am not telling you something new. I just want to make a point and show the significance of money. Maybe it won’t make you happy. Maybe you think money ruins people and turns them into bad creatures, but don’t think that money is not important and you can live without it as long as you are safe and sound. Don’t fool yourselves. You can’t stay safe and sound for long if it weren’t for money. With a risk of repeating myself, money may not necessarily make you happy, but the lack of it will definitely make you unhappy and miserable. So, my friends, fall in love, have fun, experience new things and laugh, but don’t forget what makes all these things you do possible :)))


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