Have you ever asked yourself why some people are born rich and why others poor? Since we were kids our parents have been teaching us that everything in this world is(or at least is supposed to be) fair and that you shall reap as you have sown, but in a world where some are born in a golden bed with 100 million dollars in their bank accounts and others are barely scraping their nickels to survive, we can’t help wondering is the world really fair or is their some supernatural force that prevents people from being equals?

As far as i am concerned, there is. Some are calling it God, others-destiny, but either way there is always something that decides our path in the world. I, like a lot of other people, have my own theory. Let’s say that we  used to have other lives, previous lives. I think that our current life  is determined.depending on what kind of people we used to be and what kind of things we used to do,in our previous ones. For instance, if you used to be a bad guy and,for example, if you had killed people in your previous life, the prize you have to pay will be in your current one. You will probably be poor or ugly or somehow miserable, because this is what you deserve. This will be the payment for your sins in the past. Or,of course, if you used to be good, decent and if you hadn’t had a lot of sins or if you paid for them in your previous life you will probably be a ,if not rich, that a materially satisfied person with a nice life and an opportunity to be happy and cheerful.

Of course, this is just my theory and i simply don’t know or will ever know if there is something authentic about it, but, for now, it sounds very plausible to me. It is my explanation to why there are so many different people on this planet with different appearances, destinies and lives. Maybe it is just what it is and no one decides what our lives should be, maybe it is just the universe messing with us. Either way, i am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and i will be more than happy to find out what it is. Well, maybe i will in my next life 😀


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