One in a million


So, guys, i just wrote my new post and suddenly something happened to it. And i was just finished. Well, dammit, i am going to try to say what i have been trying to say when this error occurred. I was talking about the “one in a million” meaning and its many definitions.

Lets talk about love. We see it everywhere around us and ,if we are lucky, maybe even in us. But  do we see something called “a real love” or is the chance of meeting one simply “one in a million”. Seeing how all these people say “I love you” to each other only a week after they have started dating makes us think that their is no such thing as love in their relationship. How can you possibly say these words provided that you know the person for a week. We couldn’t help wondering why the hell are these people lying to each other or do they really think they meant what they said!?

Well,  if they do than they must be delusional. What they are calling “love” is actually a casual fling that happens all the time between two people especially around our age (18). I really hope that they lie to their partners about their feelings for some twisted reason and not think they really love them, because i will become utterly hopeless. If we live in a world where people don’t know the actual meaning of love and how it is supposed to feel than what the hell are we talking about. I hear the word “love” probably 100 times a day. But is the meaning of love perverted or are we really not aware what love is.

Personally, i think that love,in its real meaning, does exist, but the chance of finding it is “one in a million”. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t mean that out of 1 000 000 people only 1 with find it, but we all know it doesn’t come frequently. If you do find it one day, consider yourselves lucky. I can’t tell you where to search for it, though. I don’t know if finding it is a matter of time, a matter of luck, a matter of willingness or maybe it is a matter of money. Either way, please, know that love exists, but don’t mistake it with every feeling  you experience on daily bases.

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