Hi, guys! You are reading my new blog called “a matter of money”. Before i start writing it i first want to clear the air. The things i am going to write about are not going to be only about money and everything that spins around them. My blogs will have a much deeper meaning. Money is all around us and we definitely can’t neglect it. My blog will show you different kinds of perspectives, meanings and experiences related to money. However, you are not going to read about the corny stuff like “money is everything”, “money can make you happy”or the same old “money makes people bad”. I hope that by reading my work you are going to see how, without even noticing it ,money changes everything including the people we are. It is a powerful weapon and neither of us should underrate it. I am going to show you that money may not necessarily make a person happy, but the lack of it can definitely cause some serious damage and misery in your lives. As we all know not everything can be bought with money, but it can definitely make things so much easier and bearable. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t get obsessed with money, but when it comes to dealing with it we should keep one thought in mind: “No matter if we like it or not or if that makes our lives hard and sad most of the things that we see, think or feel are a matter of money.


I hope you  like my blog and  learn things you can benefit from.


Antonio Badjev

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